SynFluTec has recently developed and implemented LabScan, a cloud-based inventory system using smartphones and Quick Response (QR) codes to conveniently track the sharing and the current whereabouts of laboratory equipment as well as to provide a real-time inventory system.


LabScan uses a mySQL database and PHP-scripts on a webserver, along with a QR scanning app on the smartphones of the users. It is highly customizable and available free of charge for non-profit research institutions. If you are interested to implement LabScan in your lab, get in touch with us and we will provide you with the necessary information and scripts to do that. No strings attached.





SynFluTec proudly presents SweepingFab, a patent-pending fabrication method of structured surfaces.


The approach uses hydrodynamic shear forces in a thicker liquid layer to pattern a second much thinner liquid polymer film. Solidification takes places by means of irradiation with UV light or simple freezing below the glass transition temperature of the polymer. The fabrication proceeds essentially in a single step, during which all features are created in parallel at the same time and without that a tool makes contact with the working fluid. This characteristic and the circumstance that all structures are generated from a liquid state implies that the surfaces of the structures are specularly smooth. Hence, in case of an application as passive optical components, they do not require a time-consuming reflow process. In consequence, the method is aimed at being a serious, cost- and time-effective alternative to more conventional micro-fabrication methods based on photo-lithography, molding or printing, to name a few.




An application for a German patent is currently pending under the registration number 10 2015 117 823.0. Furthermore, the approach was recently highlighted in a AIP Press Release and is detailed in the following journal publications: I. Nejati, M. Dietzel and S. Hardt, Applied Physics Letters, 108, 051604, 2016 (DOI). We have recently presented the method at Hannover Messe 2016 and received vivid interest.



Contact us for more information. We would be delighted to outline the possibilities how your business could profit from SweepingFab!